About Me

About Me & AWD Scale Model Kits

I started selling on the internet over 15 years ago - initially Media, then later on I found a passion for scale model kits. I have now managed to source a great collection which I have been selling (and currently with great positive feedback) on Ebay and Amazon since 2003.

I sell under AWD Scale Model Kits and SMF Enterprises. 

I welcome orders direct from this site and are usually offered at a discount.

If more convenient, feel free to purchase via Ebay or Amazon.

Purchase from AWD Scale Model Kits on Ebay

Purchase from AWD Scale Model Kits on Amazon

All financial transactions are dealt with Paypal and Amazon -  either using thier platforms to purchase or direct from this site.  All with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

The Scales I sell are N Scale - OO Scale and O Scale.  I am also introducing 54mm Toy Soldiers. The majority are unpainted kits but I also sell ready made and hand painted models.

I know these models are a hobby and that most of my customers are dedicated and passionate about their model layouts - this is a pleasure in life and I want my products and service to bring a smile - if they do not, I want to know why.

My sole aim in selling, is to offer not only great products but exceptional service. I am dedicated to getting orders out fast! Handling questions and returns Fast! - All the items I sell are 100% guaranteed and come with a no questions asked 14 day return.

I look forward to being of service to you.

Scott Ford